Laura Wolff exchanging to the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (Fall 2015)

Hello!! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying all Colorado has to offer!
Now that I have officially caught the rhythm of life here on the island I wanted to take time and fill you in on everything!
Life here is great! Lots of adventures. Lots of experiences. Lots of learning.
I have been having such an incredible time getting to know a whole bunch of different people, teachers, and things about Puerto Rican life. It is very different from anything I’ve experienced and I absolutely love that. University here is a bit more difficult than expected (the teachers aren’t quite as welcoming to exchange students as I had expected) and the Spanish is FAST. But that is why I am here! To perfect my Spanish and have a lot of fun and adventures while doing so.
Even after being here for just about two weeks I’m already starting to contemplate extending my time to a full year. Of course, there are many, many details that would need to fall into place for this to happen- but I am much more open to the idea than I was before I left.
I have to talk with my parents and Advisor about the extension but I thought I would also put it on your radar just in case it does actually happen!
In any case- I wanted to let you know that life here is good, I am very much alive and enjoying my time here, and even through there are the day to day struggles, I am learning so much!

PuertoRicoRioPThanks again for making this happen for me-
Laura Wolff


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